TELEM – SCADA is a solution designed for use in high-, medium- and low-voltage electric power distribution networks. Martem's hardware and software solution is built on modern industry standards and standard interfaces, which is a key to guarantee the long-term life cycle of the system.

Scalable software and hardware enables to build systems with various sizes:

  • SCADA Centers - dispersed multilevel systems with several servers, separate communication processors and separate workstations
  • Substation Control System - minimal configuration where base server, communication processor and workstation are located in the same computer
  • System can be built as a redundant hot stand-by system

Telem SCADA system offers interactive monitoring, rapid control, user-friendly real-time and historical information analysis.

Functions and features:

  • Communication with substations’ equipment and other SCADA systems of various producers
  • Operative control and blocking operations
  • Registration of events, operator actions and measurements values
  • Flexible to customer-specific requirements: number of displays, use of mimic board if needed
  • Remote workstations over the Internet
  • System supervision: Status of servers and communication links, connected workstations
  • Multi-user support: Different user rights, events can be divided between users
  • Flexible filtering of events, alarms and historical data
  • User-composed measurement groups for displaying real-time and historical trends
  • Formula descriptions for analog and digital calculations
  • Custom designed graphical schemas using existing libraries or user designed graphical symbols
  • Custom configured Line Coloring system for graphical schemas enables to color the schemas according to presence of voltages
  • Animated and interactive graphics with scripts - all possibilities of Adobe Flash
  • Design and testing of graphical schemas can be performed separately from the system
  • Rapid system development using user-friendly configuration tools, import/export from/to CSV (Comma Separated Values) for use of MS Excel
  • Open configuration tools enable to configure the expansions by client personnel

Communication Protocols:

  • IEC60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC60870-5-103, Modbus RTU
  • Built-in OPC interface enables to use a lot of other protocols


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Phone: (+372) 639 7979 E-mail: martem [at] martem dot eu