Smart Street Lighting Control System

Lumoflex Smart Street Lighting System

Lumoflex Smart Street lighting System is complete outdoor lighting control solution. It consists of hardware to control street light operation and software to monitor and adjust system remotely. 

Lumoflex Central Management Software

Cloud based Lumoflex Central Managemnt Software (Lumoflex-CMS) which is general interaction point for user through Map based Graphical User Interface.

Lighting Control Box Controller (LCBC) for Smart Street lighting

Controls street lighting power feeders. Communicates with central system via 4G/3G/2G GPRS interface. Works autonomously according to configured rules. Serves as a gateway for luminaire controllers.

Lumoflex Luminaire Controller

Lumoflex Luminaire Controller (Lumoflex-LC) for individual luminaires which is operating in wireless mesh network.

Additional Smart Street Lighting Products

Possibility to integrate with the system different sensors like smart PIR movement detectors, smart ambient light sensors, luxmeters atc. Ask for more information martem at martem dot ee

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